About us

About us

Supplying large scale projects in the Asia Pacific region with high quality protective coating products, abrasives, consumables, machinery and safety equipment manufactured to Australian standards.

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About Pacific Coatings

Pacific Coatings was established in 1975. We supply to large scale operations throughout the Asia Pacific region including port and marine projects, road construction, airports, mining, oil & gas operations and commercial building and public infrastructure projects. 

We hold distributorships for high quality protective coating products, abrasives, consumables and safety products manufactured to Australian standards. We are experts at fast, reliable delivery and sourcing products that can be difficult to find, including custom made machinery and parts.

Pacific Coatings specialise in bespoke, end to end solutions. All it takes is a single phone call to resolve your specification, surface preparation, product application and warranty needs along with packaging, fulfillment and customs requirements.  Our team at Pacific Coatings have over 50 years of combined coatings industry experience and regularly travel to meet with both suppliers and customers to deliver up to date product knowledge, smooth logistics and highly competitive pricing.


We can create and develop unique products to your specifications including paint and machinery parts and equipment.

In conjunction with coating manufacturers we can create paint and abrasive specifications for your project.

Working with manufacturers and our specifications we can provide custom warranties on coating systems.

We have close relationships with the most efficient freight forwarders in the Pacific region.