Wood & Industrial Coating for Large Scale Projects

Wood & Industrial Coating for Large Scale Projects

Our strong relationships with dozens of the world's leading manufacturers allows Pacific Coatings to provide our customers with a one stop shop for a full range of fillers, primers and coatings for nearly any industrial coating or wood coating project.

Pacific Coatings provide simple solutions to complex coatings problems. We provide a design specifications service for projects that require specialist timber and industrial coatings solutions.

“We have not had any other industrial coating supplier that has been as professional and has provided reliable service, with extensive knowledge. We are supported to deliver to our customers’ high expectations.“

NBS Manager, Simon Higgs

Which Industrial Coating products do we supply?

Pacific Coatings supply durable coatings, manufactured to Australian and International standards, for coating buildings, machinery, plant and equipment, public infrastructure and product manufacturing.

Customers have access to our experienced team who design specifications, application systems and maintenance programs for various environments and substrates.

Our industrial coating range includes

  • Alkyd, Etch & Zinc Phosphate (including waterborne) primers
  • Enamel, Polyurethane & Chlorinated Rubber Topcoats
  • Intumescent (Fire resistant) coatings for steel , timber, plasterboard

The Interior and Exterior Timber Coatings range includes

  • Polyester & Polyurethane Primers and Undercoats
  • Polyurethane & Acid Cat Top Coats
  • Single Pack Primers & Undercoats
  • Nitrocellulose & Acrylic Lacquer Top Coats
  • Timber Floor Coatings
  • Single Pack, Two Pack & Clear Waterborne Coatings
  • Varnishes & Stains

We specialise in environmentally friendly interior or exterior timber finishes for tropical climates

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Which industrial or wood coating system is right for you?

Pacific Coatings provide a complete specifications service for major industrial coatings projects. Choosing the correct products in conjunction with the proper preparation, application and finishing processes and procedures is paramount to ensure high quality results.

Our staff have over 50 years of combined experience and support our customers with a comprehensive package of products and services that includes;

  • Supply of appropriate surface preparation equipment and materials
  • Applicable safety equipment and current safety data sheets
  • Correct coating products with technical data sheets
  • Solvents and thinners for application and cleanup
  • Correct machinery, equipment and procedures for the application of your system
  • Reliable supply of consumables
  • Maintenance schedules
  • A simple procurement and shipping solution.

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Which industrial and wood coatings manufacturers do we use?

  • Sherwin-Williams
  • Wattyl
  • International
  • Verinlegno
  • Vernites
  • PPG
  • Valspar

The company we keep 

Why choose Pacific Coatings as your industrial and wood coatings supplier?

At Pacific Coatings we pride ourselves on finding the right solutions for your project. We back up the highest quality coatings, abrasives and equipment manufactured to Australian Standards with the industry’s best service and support at the right price.

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Which countries does Pacific Coatings service?

We service customers in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. If your country is not listed please enquire with us . Our delivery partners are sure to find a way.


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